Southern Peninsula Foreshore Dromana

The Dromana Foreshore Reserve is home to 240 boatsheds and bathing boxes, with over 50% of them being powered. Many of the boatsheds and bathing boxes have been in the same families since they were built and because of their heritage value are attracting high sale prices. Boatsheds and bathing boxes are on crown land and as such are not subject to a lease or title. In 2012 The Dromana Foreshore Committee of Management issued each boatshed and bathing box with a ten year licence agreement.

The Committee runs a Best Boatshed of the Year Award to encourage boatshed and bathing boxes licensees to maintain their sheds and deter vandalism. The winner for 2014 was Boatshed 58.





Fees for the next three years are;

Boatsheds Bathing Boxes
Year    Unpowered(87)  Powered (114)   Unpowered (32)  Powered (7)
2010/2011 $360.80 $415.80 $285.10 $340.10
2011/2012 $371.60 $481.60 $293.65 $403.65
2012/2013 $382.75 $492.75 $302.45


2013/2014 $406.10 $516.10 $327.20 $437.20


Fees include GST. A levy applies to powered boatsheds and bathing boxes.

A transfer fee of 5% plus GST is payable to the Committee when a boatshed or bathing box changes ownership. A transfer form must be completed, signed by the purchaser and vendor and forwarded to the Committee with the transfer fee for approval by the Committee.

A boatshed and bathing box’s footprint cannot be altered and there are strict guidelines as to what external alterations can take place. This is to ensure that the heritage values are not comprised and that boatsheds and bathing boxes remain in the style that was originally intended. A planning permit from the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council and Coastal Management Act consent from the Department of Sustainability and Environment may be required for works to boatsheds and bathing boxes. Written permission to carry out all works other than painting must be obtained from the Committee prior to the commencement of works. The Committee will be able to advise whether a planning permit may be required, and a copy of the draft guidelines for alterations to boatsheds and bathing boxes is available from the Committee office for a refundable deposit of $10.00.

The Dromana Foreshore Committee of Management has made it mandatory for licensees to have public liability insurance for their boatsheds and bathing boxes. Public liability insurance is available through the MPBBA if you are a member and is also available through the Dromana Foreshore Committee of Management. Please contact the Secretary if you are interested in finding out more details about the Committee’s public liability insurance policy.

Forms and Policies

Transfer Form

Boatshed and Bathing Box Policy

Electricity Management Plan

Standard Licence Agreement

Asbestos Policy

The Mornington Peninsula Beach Box Association

The Mornington Peninsula Beach Box Association Inc. (MPBBA) represents its members who are solely permit holders and licensees of boatsheds and bathing boxes within the Mornington Peninsula Shire. The Committee has worked closely with the Association to develop the Electricity Management Plan and Licence Agreement and it will continue to do so on other evolving Foreshore matters. MPBBA contact details are:

Greer Hunter, MPBBA Administration Assistant
Mob: 0447 321 257
PO Box 447, Mt Martha 3934





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